Our Process


It all begins with an idea. From concept to completion, we will provide you with the home building guidance needed to navigate your way through our design and build process. See our timeline below.


Initial Consultation + Assessment

Schedule a phone, virtual, or in-home consultation. Schedule your consult with one of our designers, agents or project manager! At this meeting we will determine the feasibility of your project.


Design (1-2 months for design & contracts)

We will develop or utilize one of our existing designs for your build. We are able to provide a high-level vision and dive as deep are you would like into your design plan options. Pricing will be provided to accompany your designs. We will create the proper allowances to fit your wants and lifestyle.


Contract Development

Exact costs are developed, options are chosen by client, and selections are signed off on. Our projects stay on budget based on our upfront allowance review, with less than a 5% variance on average.



This process take 6-8 months depending on the project. Pre-construction meeting is scheduled with your interior designer and project manager. As a client, you are able to request updates on the building cycle from our project manager of your site. A detailed punch list and walkthrough is scheduled before project completion.


Warranty Process

A walkthrough is scheduled 11 months if requested, after your project is completed for any repairs needed. A 2-year mechanical and 10-year structural warranty are also included. We want you as clients for life. If there are any issues with your project beyond these warranties, let us know. We want you to be completely satisfied!